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indian institute of blockchain technology

IIBT is Only for blockchain Pioneers in training for Blockchain technology with more than 10 years of expertise training.

The trainer is an International certified Blockchain expert specialized in more than 72 platforms like Hyperledger fabric, Ethereum, Corda, Stellar, Neo etc. IIBT Offers Blockchain training in Hyderabad. We providing Software training based on Corporate level standards that help our students to be prepared for industries.

we teach students what the IT industry deems important starting from basic to advanced concepts, that too in a real-time environment. IIBT is one of the best results oriented Blockchain training Institute in Hyderabad, offers best practices, experimental Knowlwdge in Blockchain training. We Providing a basic to advanced level of Blockchain Training with live Projects.

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About Our Skills

Through gaining experience in various economic periods team able to identify the best opportunities.


Our Team

Vishal Guntakatla

Guest Facility

Chief Metaverse Officers at MetaWeb3, Ex TCS (Technical Architect), Alumini@IIIT

  • Hi my name is Guntakatla.PanduRangaRao well known as (Blockchain Pandu) Since 2016.
  • IIIT-H Certified Blockchain Expert and good Orchestrating experience with all the 72 Blockchains with Security and Identity with ZK proof logins.
  •  Around 15 years of overall experience in software development and 4 years in Orchestrating and Blockchain, WEB3 and Metaverse solutions on various Blockchain Platforms to meet customer requirements.
  • Deep understanding on Fin-tech and non-Fintech use cases with R3 and Corda CEV, various distributed consensus methodologies like POW,POS,DPOS,LPOS,PBFT ,POC,RAFT,POV,POT, POA,POI,POET,POH,POB,ZK Rollup, Federated BFT and variants like IBFT2.
  • Having a good understanding in developing ERC20,721,1155, ERC677, ERC 2771 tokens
    and Gas & Economy with Biconomy.
  •  DappStarter, Conflux, cross-chain, for Web 3.0, dApps, and stakely faucet.
  • Having strong understanding Web3 development platforms Alchemy, Infura, Moralis, Chainlink, QuickNode.
  • Strong understanding of Bitcoin and Altcoins, Stablecoin, utility tokens other crypto currencies, Sound knowledge on NFT and Metaverse, WEB3, DeFi, DAO and its revenue model.
  •  Experience on Blockchain 3.0 like EOS’s WAX, Dapperlabs’s Flow Blockchain with Cadence, Mina blockchain with Snarky.
  •  Understanding platforms like Hyperledger Greenhouse, Ethereum, IOTA, Sia, Stratis and its Blockchain architecture, R3 Corda, Stellar, Ripple, Factom and protocol labs IPFS filecoin, Stroj, L2 Polygon, L3 Snarks, Solana, Mina blockchain.
  •  Conducted many internal and External Blockchain sessions as I am a Blockchain influencer, explained how current IT industry and Organizations should adopt Blockchain and WEB3.
  • My Blockchain poc idea has been shortlisted and got invitation from Fin-tech Valley Finackathon 2017 initiative by Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  •  Succeeded in creating my Blockchain public DID with “Linkedin”, “Facebook “and Gmail by using Stratis Blockchain identity framework in 2016.
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